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Getting Started eCourse

My Getting Started eCourse has helped kids all over
the US book ads for major retailers!

Hi! I’m K’la Inman,
and I love scams... NOT!

Who does?

But unfortunately, anytime you Google “How to start modeling and acting”, that’s exactly what you’re saying- SCAM ME PLEASE.


I was once an 18 year old- newlywed with a lofty dream of becoming an actress!


Nothing could stop me… except my lack of knowledge!


I spent money that I really didn’t have to waste. I gave away my time to every shady company out there. I would “audition”, get “chosen”, and then be asked for $500-2000 to ‘Become a star’.
But the truth was I wasn’t getting anywhere. In fact, I was going nowhere FAST.


I knew there had to be a better way, and I dedicated myself to figuring that out.


Over the next 10 years, I learned how to get in front of the right people, sell myself in front of casting directors, and book PAID gigs.

Let me help your
kids book PAID acting
and modeling jobs!

Today, my family of SIX has booked
100+ PAID acting and modeling and acting jobs with
my proven methods- and your child can too!

About the Getting Started eCourse

This eCourse is jammed packed with the answers to all of the burning questions that every parent who wants to get their child started in the acting and modeling industry could ever ask!

What you’ll get:

You will walk away from the Getting Started eCourse with the ability to book more paid jobs for your child if you do the work.

Learn how to get your child started in acting or modeling in 3 easy steps.

What Our Clients Say

Listen to what Our REAL Clients have to say about the Getting Started eCourse


My son booked a national ad.


Getting Started helped me avoid scams.

Monica Powers

We booked a national Dairy Queen commercial!


My daughter got signed in Atlanta, New York and Miami

“K’la has industry experience that she shares with you! She is so sweet and genuinely wants you and/or your child to succeed in Getting Started Acting/Modeling. I highly recommend her course!”


– Miranda Wilkes


The Getting Started course is made for children and adults who want to get started in the acting and modeling industry WITHOUT being scammed or wasting time trying to figure out the industry on their own. Our course will give you a step by step process to follow so that you can get started apply for PAID jobs right away.

You will get out of this course what you put in it. While we can’t guarantee your child will book a job, we can guarantee that you will learn actionable steps you can take in order to start booking- and help your child stand out from the pack!

Yes! Getting Started Acting and Modeling provides an exclusive Facebook Community that you will have access to with your purchase. You can also email K’la directly with any questions- even now! [email protected]

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